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no peace without justice

he Syrian conflict, which began in March 2011, has seen some of the worst human rights atrocities and human suffering ever and remains one of the most catastrophic humanitarian crises of modern times.
This initiative endeavors to advance the cause of human rights, accountability and solidarity, with a specific emphasis on the Syrian conflict, by pursuing the following objectives:

- To foster a civil and political response, stimulate public discourse, and raise awareness about the Syrian conflict, refugees, human rights and accountability – and how these are linked with the war in Ukraine.

- To provide the public with access to information and educational resources about the situation in Syria and that of Syrian refugees in Denmark, and encourage their involvement in policy discussions.

- To empower Syrian and international artists who use their creativity to shed light on the Syrian conflict and human rights issues.

- To facilitate collaborative, high-impact campaigns on Syria and the plight of Syrian refugees, and foster a global network that can mobilize collective action.

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