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connecting Syrian artists, mapping Syria’s art

he index is a dynamic online platform designed to showcase, empower, map, and reconnect Syrian artists, art technicians, cultural practitioners, and institutions worldwide. Through a range of digital tools, it equips artists to professionally create their artistic profiles and content while providing vital resources, open calls, opportunities, and visibility in one centralised place. The platform aims to become an analytical tool for researchers, curators, and stakeholders interested in art and Syria while serving as a vital living archive preserving the richness of Syrian art and culture amidst the global diaspora.

the index develops from the project Syria Cultural Index (SCI). The platform's date launch is in Autumn 2023. It will be upgraded constantly to fulfil its complete plan to serve our target group.

Full vision

The first version of the index enables profile creation and facilitates primary database analyses. In the spirit of our mission to support art and culture amid conflict, we plan to extend the platform’s reach beyond Syria. Future iterations will aim to encompass the broader SWANA region, focusing particularly on other conflict zones. By doing so, we aspire to create a more comprehensive resource for artists in challenging situations.


Empowerment and Connection

the index aims to empower and connect Syrian artists, art technicians, cultural practitioners and institutions within Syria and scattered around the globe. It offers digital tools and resources to enhance the artists’ visibility and opportunities.

Database Accessibility

Every participant, whether an artist, a technician, a cultural practitioner or an institution, is granted a personalised profile page to present their work portfolios, Bios, CVs, and any other unique content. This profile data is incorporated into a centralised database, accessible to all users for diverse purposes via an intuitive and user-friendly search feature.

Cultural Mapping

the index analyses and maps Syria’s dispersed artistic landscape (such as location, gender, age, profession, etc.). Such an overview will provide a solid foundation for any party interested in designing to resonate with this community’s needs and aspirations rather than mere anticipations.

Community Building

the index aims to construct a self-sustaining cohesive, and supportive network. By creating a platform where they can connect, collaborate and exchange ideas. the index seeks to foster a sense of community and collective identity.

Cultural Heritage Preservation

the index is a living archive committed to safeguarding the rich and diverse Syrian modern and contemporary artistic heritage from losing its roots and melting into displacement and diaspora. It preserves the legacy of Syrian art and fosters global understanding and appreciation of its historical and contemporary significance. It embodies a resilient assurance that the richness of Syrian artistic heritage not only survives but thrives within new communities where appreciation continues to flourish.

Benjamin Glatte

UX/UI designer

“If you have any questions regarding the index, feel free to contact me any time!"

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