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Umbrella Organization

Organizational Structure of coculture:
Operating within the parameters of the German non-profit association law, coculture stands on a foundation of governance that ensures transparency, inclusiveness, and a strong vision.

1. Assembly Members: Eight assembly members are at the heart of the decision-making structure, who ensure our endeavours are always aligned with coculture’s core values and objectives.

2. Elected Board Members: From the assembly members, three are elected to serve on our board, each holding key positions:

Chairman & chairwoman are:
Khaled Barakeh; Service Duration: 2017 - present; Voting Rights: Full
Salma Karim; Service Duration: 2023 - present; Voting Rights: Full
Kinan Azzouz; Service Duration: 2023 - present; Voting Rights: Full

The board frequently gathers to deliberate on pivotal strategic concerns, providing the necessary oversight to steer the organization towards its mission. Their annual meeting with the assembly is an open forum that encourages questions, insights, and mutual feedback.

3. Management Team: The board also shoulders the critical duty of hiring a coculture management team, which steers our day-to-day operations:

CEO and artistic director: Leads the vision and strategic decisions of coculture.
Administration and Financial Director: Safeguards our endeavours’ financial and administrative facets.
Coordinator: Acts as the nexus among various projects, teams, and stakeholders.
Assistant: A pivotal role in supporting and streamlining operations.

The organization’s teams are designed to be scalable and flexible based on its projects’ size. In addition to the core team, we have a roster of short-term freelance contractors, each contributing specialized expertise to our initiatives.

Currently, we are extending all boards to be more inclusive and diverse and adding a new consultancy board.


Here you can download the statutes of coculture e.V.:

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