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ocated at the confluence of art, creative activism, and community building, coculture is a Berlin-based cultural organisation founded in 2017 by conceptual artist Khaled Barakeh. Its mission is to empower underrepresented artists from the global south, with a special focus on Syrian artists facing unique challenges as they chart their artistic paths in Europe.

coculture’s strategic philosophy revolves around establishing artistic platforms, creating opportunities, and offering guidance and support, particularly emphasising artists at their careers’ formative and emergent stages. By moulding physical, conceptual, and digital spaces to foster open dialogue and unrestricted interaction, coculture bolsters the creative agency of artists, enabling them to influence their communities and reclaim their narratives.

coculture houses a range of initiatives, including the index, a platform to map and connect Syrian artists, and the syrian biennale, a mobile curatorial project that situates Syrian artists alongside their local and international peers. Scalable, adaptable and progressive, coculture has successfully created and curated an array of artistic and cultural events, amplifying the diverse voices it represents.

With a wealth of experience in community-building, event planning, transnational networking, and budget administration, coculture has established itself as a trusted intermediary. It engages in productive dialogues with cultural and state institutions to foster the recognition and engagement of these underrepresented groups.

Committed to fostering cross-cultural understanding and facilitating the integration of artists from the global south into their new communities, coculture challenges the prevalent inclination to portray artists from the global south as exotic relics of a distant culture.

Instead, it champions them as dynamic architects contributing to a vibrant and evolving culture within the European context, leading the way towards a more inclusive artistic future for these artists to make their mark on the global stage.

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