Tewa Barnosa

(b. 1998)

With the support of Martin Roth initiative, Tewa Barnosa is currently involved in the project development of Support the Supporters as well as the Giving Spaces program.

As an artist, Barnosa focuses on the use of texts and calligraphy as the main elements in her production, from paintings to sculptures and digital mediums. She dedicated her works to highlighting and addressing topics within the conflict of identity, language, and roots; as well as socio-political issues concerning immigration, diversity and free artistic expression in post-war situations.

Before moving to Berlin, she founded waraq art foundation, a Tripoli based organization aims to revive the art scene in Libya. Her work was displayed in P21 gallery London, AWAN festival London, Casa arabe in Madrid, Gallerie delle prigioni in italy, and other exhibitions where she curated or participated in around the world.

Michèle Brand
Björn Schönfeld
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